Linco Press Authors

  • Jung-Rae Jo

Jung-Rae Jo

Jung Rae Jo was born in South Korea in 1943. After a successful debut in Hyundae Munhak magazine in 1970, He has written novels addressing the problems that face modern Korean society. Jung Rae Jo has won a number of prestigious prizes for his work, including: Hyundae Munhak Sang for Land of Exile in 1981; Taehanminguk Munhak Sang for Doors of Humanity in 1982; Soseol Munhak Jakpum Sang for Myeari Myeari in 1984; Tanje Munhak Sang for Taebaek Sanmaek in 1991; and Nosin Munhak Sang in 1998. Some of Jung Rae Jo’s works have been turned into a film and an opera. Finally, in November 2008, based on Taebaek Sanmaek novel, the Taebaek Mountain Range Literature Museum was opened in the village of Beolgyo in South Korea.

  • Jeongbin Kim

Jeongbin Kim

Jeongbin Kim was born in South Korea in 1952, Jeongbin Kim made his debut as a writer in 1980 and, by 1985, Kim’s book Tan [단] became his first bestseller, selling more than 400,000 copies in South Korea. After that Kim has written more than 68 novels and short stories, both fiction and non-fiction, dedicated to Buddhism. Kim has been a dedicated student of Buddhism for more than 25 years and is now a renowned expert in South Korea, giving lectures and talks on Buddhist teachings, philosophy and its relevance to people’s daily lives.

  • Myung Joh
Myung Joh

Myung Joh

Myung Joh is currently a professor at Hongik University in South Korea teaching MBS in Culture and Art. Joh received his PhD in Business Administration from Business School Lausanne in Switzerland. His academic and research interests include 17th to 19th century art markets, art marketing, and urban culture regeneration. In the past, to share and deepen his expertise in art markets, Joh worked as a vice-president for Sotheby’s Asia. At present, he runs the Centre for Artists Community voluntary organisation in South Korea which provides marketing education and mentoring for aspiring artists. In South Korea, two of Joh’s books, Culture Management and Strategic Marketing, were published in 2006. Myung Joh has also contributed as a translator for Super Collector: A Critique of Charles Saatchi, which was published in Korean in 2011.

  • David Jeon
David Jeon

David Jeon

A graduate of the College of Medicine at Korea University, David Jeon works as a doctor at his clinic in central Seoul. Although fictional, A Contract with God is based on Jeon’s life as a student doctor, volunteering and doing national service. He wrote it in the hope of contributing to a better, more peaceful society than the one he experienced growing up, studying and training.

This is Jeon’s first book. The second volume is due to be published in November this year.


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